ATTA With Kids | Chaos

What's it like going on ATTA trips with kids?



Pure chaos. Changing diapers on a crowded moving bus, tantrums in midst of beautiful moments connecting with locals, screaming on airplanes when most people are sleeping, crazy humidity that makes your kids even more grumpy than they already are, nap times anywhere and everywhere, potty training in places where the potties are small holes in the ground, kids getting sick when your hours from civilization, running out of diapers because your kid got diarrhea unexpectedly, your 3 year old asking questions loudly, like - "Why are the peoples homes so dirty?, Why does that lady have blood on her teeth?, Why does it smell like poop?" or comments like, "I don’t like it here, the people are dirty, those people look funny, I don’t want to eat that food- nasty" This list goes on. The language barrier (in this regard) has been very beneficial. I can go on and on about what makes bringing kids on these trips chaotic, and hard, but I think you get the picture. The reality is that chaos is part of what we signed up for when we decide to bring our kids with us. It’s not something we can fix, or something that will go away any time soon. Kids on these trips equal chaos, and thats ok. The key to managing the chaos is to roll with it. It comes in waves and we can either swim against the current and wear ourselves out, or go with the flow and allow it to take us on a new adventure.