The Simple Solution to Clean Water for Vietnam

An Interview with Skylar Chaput, Donor, Partner and Boots on the Ground Volunteer with ATTA

Vietnam is not the first country where Skylar Chaput donated his valuable time and financial resources to help children, but during his first journey there he realized it is a very unique and important place in the world in need of ATTA’s help. It is reported that in Vietnam only 39% of the rural population has access to safe water and sanitation. Skylar began visiting El Salvador when he was in high school and at Vanguard University. He has expanded his dedication as a volunteer and donor in partnership with One ATTA Time over the years, visiting Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and the more remote communities during ATTA’s recent trip there.  

Skylar describes vividly his trip to Vietnam and the impressions the country and its people left on him. Being one of the hottest places on earth, and very humid, the demand for clean water is immense. Skylar talked about the country and its beauty, with the ocean and beaches along the coast and lush greenery.  He also talked about the kindness and warmth of the people. He spoke of the wonderful in-country partners that ATTA has in Vietnam with “Giving it Back to Kids” who are dedicated to making the country better with a warm, service-oriented approach and care for the country and its people.

The journey was complicated and travel to the community that ATTA was serving included a 3-hour drive and boat transportation along the river to what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.  The small community that was suffering from terrible health problems due to the lack of clean water had a school and some houses, but no fresh, drinkable, usable clean water. The need for clean water was very real and serious.

Among all the Vietnam impressions, the most lasting impression that Skylar described was the gratefulness of the people and the quick, substantial impact that the water filtration systems brought to the country by ATTA had on the health and wellness of the people. He described the joy in each family and in the smiles of the children, expressed when clean water was made available to them. It was at a moment there in Vietnam that Skylar realized how simple the solution is to provide clean water, right there and right now.

There is no boiling, no distilling, no miles of water pipes or filtration plants. There are not teams of engineers or construction crews needed--no dams, no man-made systems to scar the beautiful countryside. Just filters and buckets that combine to make a filtration system that brings health and hope.  Changing lives with groundbreaking results for 20-40 years for a family happens with self-contained filter systems that a $25.00 donation monthly can provide. Health for a family is so amazingly simple.  

“How can you NOT support this?” Skylar said during the interview. “It is so beautiful to watch the healing and hope. . .and the solution is groundbreaking, yet so cost effective and simple. How simple yet innovative this whole thing is.”

Skylar remembers building the filters and demonstrating them, using terrible water, and then a moment later stepping back and realizing that just a short time before that moment,  people had no access to clean water in this area of Vietnam.  All it took was building filters to mitigate sickness and disease.  He could not believe how simple it is, all because of those who partner, donate and sponsor ATTA to help these families.  

Though Skylar has a heart for all children suffering from preventable illnesses, when he learned of Sean’s vision to help families with clean water in Asia, Skylar decided to help in any way that he could.  He visits and serves to help build the filtration systems and train the people on how to clean them. He gets to know the people.  He donates to ATTA monthly because he knows the difference ATTA makes. Skylar’s decision to help, like many of ATTA’s sponsors and donors, was based on the enormous need that is so easily met with the quick, substantial impact that ATTA has in each region.  

ATTA will be returning on a trip to Vietnam in April. This trip will allow ATTA to continue our efforts in providing families access to clean and safe drinking water. The plan is to provide 500 filters for this trip, with an overall goal of 2,000 filters for the year.  To partner with ATTA for clean water for Vietnam, donations can be monthly or one time donations made by clicking the button below.

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