One ATTA Time is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization


To bring hope and healing to people around the world


To partner with communities and provide life essentials to those suffering from preventable diseases.

Values | A.T.T.A.

+ Advocate: Voice for the Voiceless

There are many countries in this world that do not have access to life essentials (water, food, shelter, etc.), while there are few countries that have access to an abundant amount of life essentials. Our goal is to show the "few" that they have a voice and to utilize that voice for the "many." For those who live with access to life essentials the question then is: "what are you going to do if you are the few?" At ATTA we provide a way for the few to utilize their voice to empower the many who are voiceless.

+ Teach: Awareness Prevention

Every day over 4,000 children are dying of water related diseases such as cholera and typhoid that are easily preventable. Many more are suffering sickness, diarrhea, and acute stomach pains - illnesses that stop children going to school and growing up into healthy adults.At ATTA we have and will continue to find the simplest solutions to preventable diseases by educating developing countries on improving hygiene and sanitation.

+ Transform: Helping Not Hurting

Sadly our help often hurts those who we are helping.
At ATTA we do not want our help to hurt. We realize that our help will hurt unless we embrace our mutual brokenness, that we are just as broken as low-income people. One of the biggest problems in many poverty-alleviation efforts is that their design and implementation worsens the "poverty of being" of the economically rich (their god complexes) and the "poverty of being" of the economically poor (increases feelings of inferiority and shame). At ATTA our desire is to show low -income people through our words, our actions, and most importantly our ears that they are people with unique gifts and abilities just like us. By doing this, we can be a part of helping them to recover their sense of dignity, even as we recover from our sense of pride.

+ Advance: Pushing Change Forward

Our plan of action is to take one step ATTA time. We are always learning and keeping our eyes on the goal: to bring healing to children around the world.

The Beginning

Back in August of 2013 Sean Kappauf visited his sponsored child in El Salvador. As he spent time with Bryan and his mother he found out that all the children, including Bryan, had worms due to their poor drinking water.

Sean was motivated and decided to do something about this crisis. In February of 2014 Sean and a team of others went back down to El Salvador, trained up young leaders in the community on how to be leaders of positive change. Then those young leaders distributed 50 water filtration devices into the homes of where the children lived.

The trip was a success, young leaders were trained, children received clean water, and the local community was filled with hope.

Noticing the huge impact the leadership training had on the young kids, the communities having clean water, and the children's health improving, Sean decided that we need to be able to do this in other areas around the globe.

In April of 2014, One ATTA Time was birthed as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. With the hope to bring more healing to children around the world.

Board Members

+ Debbie Collette

Debbie has senior leadership experience in multiple types of organizations both for profit and non-profit. She started her own business and maintained it for 10 years. She then became a pastor for 10 years at a large church in Orange County, providing excellent organizational skills and leadership development. She provides key insight with her knowledge and experience of leading, working with volunteers, leading mission trips and working in the countries that ATTA serves. An entrepreneur at heart and a strategic mind are key essentials that will help ATTA bring more hope to children around the globe. She also has a massive obsession of Yosemite... almost as much as John Muir.

+ Ben Coplin

Ben is a natural leader. Full of life and laughter and he never takes himself to seriously. He's has worked in the non-profit & for-profit realm for 10+ years. He started and built a real estate marketing business and ran that for a few years then sold it to his partner. Currently Ben is a Managing Parter at West Harbor Growth Partners, a growth and advisory firm for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. He is a phenomenal father to his son’s Kayden and Jackson and a dedicated husband to his wife Kristina. He's an entrepreneur, a builder, a musician, a teacher, and he is incredibly gifted in the areas of marketing, design, and communication. He has a great desire to make an impact in this world both locally and globally, because his heart beats for hurting children he has joined us at ATTA to help make an impact to those in need around the world.

+ Jeantina Roque

Jeantina will often be found hugging one of two things: a tree or a child. What is the common denominator? Her huge heart and a passion for all of the life surrounding her. Jaytee has a great gift of seeing both the beauty and the broken in everyone she meets, and is eager to take the time and care to bring out their best. One of her greatest desires is for every child to feel loved and have a strong sense of belonging. As a preschool director, she is passionate about young kids and uses her creative, leadership and administrative skills to grow these children into men and women who will have great impact on the world. Her love of people and adventure recently lead her to take her first trip with ATTA to El Salvador, where she was able to meet the child that she sponsors for the first time. When Jeantina saw the tangible impact that she could have on children and families through this organization, she knew she had to continue to be a part of it. This is an experience she would wish for everyone, and is very proud to be a part of the team.

+ Vivian Lai

On weekends you can find Vivian emphatically cheering for her favorite sports teams. As their most passionate fan, she brings 100% loyalty to every San Fransisco 49ers and Ohio State football game. In addition to sports, Vivian is fueled by her excitement and dedication in everything else she touches. Fortunately, everyone working alongside Vivian is influenced by her contagious demeanor. Vivian has a professionalism and dedication that produces exceptional work for her clients at the contract agency Vitamin T. She is the quintessential example of how a devoted teammate can change a work and team atmosphere. Her experience has now led her to ATTA where she uses her strengths in people skills to change the lives of children around the world. With time running down in the fourth quarter, you surely want the ball in Vivian's hands. Her will to succeed and relentless determination is your best bet at completing the championship pass. Her hopes is to bring awareness about ATTA to everyone she meets!

+ Matt Orphan

Matt's professional background in operations management spans multiple startup companies across different industries. He has volunteered as a leader in the high school ministry at his local church for the past 5+ years and traveled to Uganda in 2013 to help train local volunteers to work with children. In 2015, he joined ATTA on a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.

+ Josh Roque

Josh loves to empower and encourage others. Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA, he has always had a passion for the water. When Sean asked him to be a part of ATTA, he couldn't have been more excited! Josh is a renaissance man, best known for balancing his core drive to make a lasting impact on the world with enjoying life's best gifts. In the Spring of 2015, Josh joined ATTA on a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Hunting for passion and purpose in his career, Josh realized that his skills could be utilized both in and out of the office. As Treasurer, Josh consults on all fiscal operations, ensuring that all funding received has the greatest possible impact. Josh is a loving husband to his beautiful wife Katherine, and an avid surfer, diver, triathlete and photographer. He is a licensed CPA, and earned a B.A. in Accounting and B.A. in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University.

+ Sean Kappauf

Since he was younger Sean has been committed to finding ways of helping those in need. From being a lifeguard for 4 years, a Pastor for over 10 years, he has and still does have a huge heart to serve those around him. Back in 2013 he caught a new vision, this time it was for children who are suffering around the world. Since then he has launched One ATTA Time (a 501c3) with the hopes to bring healing to children around the world. Sean is an inspiring teacher and motivator, he is passionate about seeing younger people rise up and become leaders within their community. He's a bit of a dreamer, which is the kind of person we need running ATTA; one who can dream, one with vision, passion, and who is willing to lead in serving others.