Help provide the funding resources
to change the lives.

Annual Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Annual Corporate Sponsors partner with ATTA in support of our mission to bring healing to children around the world, One ATTA Time.  Annual Sponsors help provide the funding resources to change the lives of children and families, while helping to transform communities suffering from devastating disease due to lack of clean water.  These companies and individuals join with us to help take water filtration to places where One ATTA Time has partners and relationships with community leaders, to help those with the greatest needs.  

Annual Sponsorship Levels

Whether you are a large corporation seeking a way to make a difference that will save the lives of children around the world; a smaller business looking for a way to become involved in a global effort to provide clean water for healthier communities; an individual or family who wants to support saving the lives of thousands of children; or if you just want a streamlined way to help, One ATTA Time has a developed several levels of annual sponsorship to fit a variety of budgets. Annual sponsorships are available at the $1,000; $5,000; $10,000; $25,000; $50,000; and $100,000 levels, each with varying benefits and types of recognition. One ATTA Time is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Annual Sponsorship Benefits

There are multiple benefits accompany the various sponsorship levels. Annual Sponsors are given the opportunity to become involved in trips to provide clean water to our partner communities, if they desire to, and at the highest levels of sponsorship are offered complimentary trips to join us in taking clean water to Vietnam, El Salvador, Uganda or future areas of need.  They are also provided with written information, the ATTA logo, and photographs to share on their websites and social media to communicate the life-changing efforts that they have become a part of. There are many additional benefits of being an Annual Sponsor at the varying levels, such as participation in a dinner, lunch or breakfast with the ATTA Board of Directors, recognition at quarterly gatherings, priority sign ups for trips, name recognition on the ATTA website, mention in press releases, social media recognition and name or logo recognition on presentations.

Annual Sponsors, along with donors, partners and volunteers make our mission and outreach possible. Our Annual Sponsors help to save the lives of thousands of children every day with clean water; One ATTA Time.

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