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When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in in 2017 it left thousands of people without access to clean water and we could not sit back and watch. We formed a team, made contact with some local Texans, packed up a car filled with hundreds of filters, and drove to the heart of where Harvey hit. What we saw impacted us and opened up a door for ATTA to partner with people in emergency situations.

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Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria had a catastrophic effect on the people of Puerto Rico. Quickly after the hurricane hit we were connected with a local school for boys called San Ignacio de Loyola. We partnered with the students of the school to distribute filters to the most affected areas. We now have a close relationship with the school and have since gone back in result of the ongoing need for access to clean water.

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In 2018 extreme flooding left hundreds of people in Hawaii effected and without access to clean water. We partnered with some local people to get filters to some families in the more rural areas of the North Shore of Kauai. Thanks to the generosity of our donors many families now have access to clean water.

Providing access to clean water is an essential part of Disaster Relief Work.