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Leadership Training Program

In El Salvador we have created a way to train up young leaders in the community who can install and maintain the water filters. The reason we do this is to help bring a sustainability to the community. Whenever you introduce a new way of thinking there needs to be key leaders who can keep the vision going forward. So we have put together a Leadership Training Program that will help young people become leaders and be positive influences in the lives of those in the community. 

At ATTA our desire is to partner with local schools in the community and train them in a four day seminar with key leaders teaching those four days. Our holistic training is sectioned off into two sessions per day. The first part of the day is an class leadership training and the second half of the day is doing what we just learned. 

We have found this to be a positive solution to providing a change in the community so that more people will have access to clean water and more people dedicated to bringing a positive change in their community. 

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