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Make a difference by joining ATTA on November 27, #GivingTuesday, to help reach our goal of raising $250,000.00 providing clean water to over 5,000 families. Together we can help more than 30,000 people around our world, many who are children currently suffering from water-borne illnesses.


Make a difference by joining ATTA for #GivingTuesday, to help raise $250,000.00 to provide clean water to over 5,000 families. Together we can help 30,000 people across the world and the many children who are suffering from water-born


Join ATTA in helping take clean water across the globe on Giving Tuesday:


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There are a lot of ways that we all choose to give our time and resources to support important causes both locally and globally. As we approach Giving Tuesday to kick off the giving season on November 27th, I’d like to introduce you to one special organization that I support that is truly making a difference. One ATTA Time is a 501(c)3 non-profit, humanitarian organization that provides clean water to thousands of children and families in desperate need. They help children around the world who are suffering needlessly from water-borne illnesses with the single solution that is making a difference: clean water.

ATTA has a simple solution to providing healthier lives and clean water globally by taking Sawyer water filtration systems to those children in need. All they need now is supporters like you and I, to help with the resources to provide the solution.

In August, with the help of partners, donors and sponsors, ATTA changed 6,000 lives by providing clean water in the Rukungiri District of Uganda with 1,000 Sawyer filtration systems given to families in need. They are watching the health of the children improve significantly as a direct result of these efforts. Earlier this year, they were able to provide clean water to children in El Salvador and Vietnam.

As you decide who to sponsor or donate to this giving season, please consider a contribution to One ATTA Time so that, together, we can multiply the healing and expand health and hope to more areas where the need for clean water is critical. Your contribution in any amount will help to reach their goal to raise $50,000.00 so that they can expand the amazing positive impact that they are having on so many children and families. Contributions of $250.00 will provide clean water for 5 families (parents and up to 25 children) for 20-40 years. Your gift of $500.00 will provide clean water for 10 families (parents and up to 50 children) for 20-40 years. The greater the donation, the greater the impact.

Join us on Giving Tuesday, or any other day during the giving season to bring healing to children worldwide. The following link will direct you to the #GivingTuesday page for ATTA:

Together we can make a difference to children, One ATTA Time.


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