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How it all began

It started with one child. Following an eye-opening visit to El Salvador in August of 2013 to visit Bryan, Sean Kappauf felt inspired to do more. As he spent time with Bryan and his mother, he learned that it was common for children in Bryan’s community to suffer from illnesses, intestinal parasites and worms due to contaminated drinking water. After his visit, Sean returned home motivated to enact positive change.

In February of 2014, and after much research and study, he brought a team to El Salvador to train local teenage leaders how to assemble, distribute and maintain 50 water filtration kits for families in need. The trip was successful: The children’s health improved and entire communities thrived. Sean knew he needed to take further action. In 2014, he created One ATTA Time and committed to providing water filters to areas in need that would have a lasting impact.