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Become a Partner For Hope and support ATTA’s work around the world. The best part? Your contributions will go towards saving lives around the world!

Join the community as we take you on a journey by giving you an exclusive look at our impact in Vietnam, El Salvador, Uganda, Colombia, Mexico, United States, and even some more private locations we do not publicize online.

We know we  cannot help everyone. But, we can help at least one more. With a community of people focused on the one, we can begin to see a movement of clean water helping thousands in return. And, it starts with you and ATTA, together in partnership. Won't you join the movement of helping people, making an impact and leaving a legacy of

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It’s A Community

Becoming a Partner For Hope allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment to provide hope for all.

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Monthly gifts enable us to invest in specific areas of our work, expand our programs and innovate within the work we do in different countries because we know we have the ongoing support.

It’s Exciting

You’ll receive updates from the field we don’t share with anyone else, as well as surprise gifts, photos & videos of the families you’ve impacted and more!