ATTA Water Filter Build

Logistics for ATTA Facilitated Events


ATTA Filter Build Program

Introduction (2-3 minutes)

Founder’s Story (20-40 minutes)

Filter Build (45+ minutes, pending time frame and desired outcomes)

  • ATTA’s Message: Bringing healing and hope to people around the world

  • Filter Impact: Where filters are used

  • Live Filter Demonstration: ATTA shows filtration of contaminated water through a filter

  • Participants work to build and pack filters. Participants move to assemble filters at tables in the same room(space) or move to an adjacent room where filter components are at tables arranged “buffet” style ready for people to put together as they move through the assembly line.

  • Individuals sign or write a personal message on the filters to the recipient families, place completed filter in a bag and place in the shipping box ready for delivery to a global destination: a family on another side of the world.

Closing (2 minutes)

Interested In More? Lets Talk.

ATTA likes to start the Facilitated Filter Build process with a conversation. We do our best job when we understand your company, the event, the participants and your objectives. A conference call with your leadership and ours helps us to start with a relationship and collective understanding before we make timelines and to do lists. We are always here to connect personally!

Filter Shipping

  • Fill out Logistics Form

  • ATTA coordinates shipping the filter components to the event.

  • Payment and Tracking Information

    • Shipping Filter Components will not be shipped until 50% deposit is received.

    • Box Dimensions = Approximately 20”x14”x14” each weighing approximately 20lbs

    • We us the same boxes for shipping to and from your event, and there is a packing station as part of the Filter Build. Return shipping labels are included in the boxes of filters.

Room Set Up Options

Photo Slides: ATTA will provide a series of photos that can run as a slideshow on event screens

Music: This is a fun and interactive experience, we encourage background music to help people relax and enjoy the team impact event.

Tables: ATTA prefers rectangular tables arranged in groups of 2 Filter Stations where people make filters in an assembly line style. We setup the filter components and provide bowls and trays for staging. Participants can walk down both sides of the tables, just as they would for a buffet style meal, to complete the filter and drop the completed filter in a box.

Please provide:

  1. Event Room Diagram so we can determine the ideal # of tables and set-up configuration

  2. Black or Solid Color Tablecloths for the tables

Recommended Filter Stations

Please consult with us for set-up as we are flexible and can make many options work pending space, # filters per person and time frame.

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