ATTA Filter Build Program

Let ATTA Host Your Filter Build

The filters are easy to assemble in ten steps, and the Facilitated Filter Build provides a meaningful, interactive and enriching experience. By participating in a Filter Build event, your employees, staff, and community share the goal of providing safe water to individuals in need. This hands-on activity will promote teamwork and motivate participants to be a part of the global community.

The Facilitated Filter Build includes:

● Introduction to ATTA and the global water crisis

● Filter overview, impact & where it is used

● Live filter demonstration

● Filter assembly and packaging

● Filter build events will be customized and can be highly interactive to include challenge stations

How to get started:

● Complete the Interest Form (located at bottom of page) to share details of your event

● We set up a call with you to talk more about the details of your event

The Details

To host a ATTA Facilitated Filter Build we request a minimum sponsorship of 25 filters, each filter costs $50.

* Separate costs include: transportation, accommodations, and a facilitator fee to come to an event.

Let’s discuss the details and see what we can do together!


ATTA can accommodate small or large groups based on your time frame, size of group, and desired outcomes.

● Customize - We want our program to fit your expectations and goals so we are flexible and adjust segments based on your preferences.

● Share the Impact - We will deliver you a report on where filters are being used in the global field to the event organizer 6 - 9 months after the filter build.

● Include ATTA Merchandise - We can offer a table to purchase ATTA artwork, shirts, and hats.

For More Info Check Out our Detailed Program Below