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Experience the joy of giving clean water to those in need.
All within one day!

TJ Days provide a meaningful, interactive, and enriching experience. By participating in a TJ Day you and others will help provide clean and safe water to individuals in need. This hands-on experience will promote teamwork, connect you to a larger global community, and leave the day motivated to make your world a better place!


Here’s what to Expect



  • Introduction to ATTA and the Global Water Crisis

  • Filter Overview, Impact, and Where it is used

  • Learn how to assemble the filter

  • Help assemble and distribute 20 filters



In every location we do a group distribution. Where one of our volunteers teaches the families receiving the filter. We then go out into the community and do 3 to 4 home distributions in which the team will be a part of showing and sharing how to properly use and maintain the filter.



After distribution we head to one of our favorite taco places in where we will debrief about the day and then head back home!

Cost of the Trip?

The cost of the trip is $200 per person. Children 7 and under are $100.
This includes, transportation, food, and filters to provide to those in need.

For those interested in bringing a group of people, currently the max is seven at a time.

Next Steps

Step 1: Fill Out Form Below

Step 2: Pay For Your Trip | $200 per person

Step 3: Go on a life changing adventure!


Do I need a passport . . .

Yes everyone travelling will need to have a valid passport including children. If you have a passport card that will work too. If you have a global entry card you should bring that as well.

Is Tijuana Safe . . .

In general, yes Tijuana is safe. Our team has 20 plus years of experience in Northern Baja and we know exactly where we are going and what we are doing.