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Currently we are providing water filtration all over Vietnam. 


Water Facts about Vietnam

Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of morbidity nationwide, with some 250,000 hospitalizations every year. As many as 44 percent of Vietnamese children are infected with whipworms, hookworms or roundworms, according to recent estimates. As a consequence, Vietnam has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition in East Asia.

Project | 2,000 Filters

For 2019 our goal is to reach even more people in the rural areas of Vietnam. Join us in making a difference in the lives of thousands of people who are in need.


Give Clean Water!

Help provide clean water to thousands in need

Partner Highlight: Giving It Back To Kids

Giving It Back To Kids is a501(c)3 based in the United States. Giving It Back to Kids’ mission statement is to transform lives through medical care, nutrition, education, and love. Our projects are throughout Vietnam. Up to date, GIBTK has provided about 152,000 wheelchairs to disable people, helped more than 8,000 orthopedic patients, 754 heart surgeries, 84 eye surgeries. They have 7 homes for orphans and less-fortunate children, for unwed mothers and homes for older students with programs designed to enable them to attend university or college or higher vocational school, including 2 in Cambodia and 5 in the central of Vietnam. They have run two community centers where they provide free tutoring classes to disadvantaged kids in Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Computer, life skill, leadership skills and emotional health. These two community centers serve about 400 students each year. Lastly, GIBTK has provided 14 containers of medical items and equipments to hospitals to enable them to serve more disadvantaged people and has built 417 compassion homes for disadvantaged families with children.

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