Your One

Your One is a movement inspired by One ATTA Time. It exists to help others find and pursue their dreams. At One ATTA Time we are pursuing our dreams of unity and healing through our non-profit, but what we are doing isn’t everyones dream, and thats a good thing!

We all have different passions, different talents, and different hopes for our lives, and every one of our dreams come together to make our world a more beautiful place. Whether your dream is starting a company or non-profit, being an incredible employee, ending homelessness, helping other see their worth, working in health care, or even being a great parent! All dreams are valid and important.

We may not know everything about what it’s going to take for you to get to where you want to be, but we do know a thing or two about making dreams become reality. We can’t wait to partner with you and help you pursue your unique dreams and passions one step atta time.


The Gathering



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