Bringing healing to children around the world

We do this by providing short-term and long-term life essentials to children who are dying from preventable diseases. 

We focus on three main areas

Clean Water

Too many children around the globe suffer from a lack of access to clean drinking water. We are here to help give them access. 


Providing clean water tackles the immediate need. Investing into the next generation allows for ongoing change. 



When we come together, as friends, family, and serve each other, the possibilities are pretty much endless. 

We currently have projects in Vietnam, Uganda, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico working with local organizations to bring water filters to communities without access to clean water. 


Why Water?

Around 315,000 children under five die every year form diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water. 

That's almost 900 children per day, or one child every two minutes. 

We are on mission to help those children suffering from water related illnesses and we do it by providing water filtration. 

Water filtration

The water filter we use comes from Sawyer. The filter is, USA EPA Tested & Approved

It is also the fastest, easiest, and most cost efficient way to get pure potable water to people in need.

  • Filter life is 1 million gallons

  • Up to 500 gallons of potable water a day... cleaner than US bottled water

  • Removes all harmful bacteria & protozoa

  • Weighs < 8 ounces; sets up in 5 minutes.  


Each filter has a life span of 1 million gallons of clean water and the results are immediate. While our model is simple, the impact is long term. Children's lives are saved. 

Donate today and help children receive access to clean drinking water!