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We would love to come share
what we are doing with your
business, school or church.

We are passionate about sharing.

In sharing, partnerships are formed, knowledge is spread, and our capacity to help those suffering grows.
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We love partnering with different businesses, small and large, to empower the staff and leadership to unite together for a cause beyond their workplace. We deeply believe that when we work together for the purpose of helping others we can accomplish some pretty incredible things. We would love to partner with your business to help bring hope and healing to people around the world.


Since the beginning, ATTA has partnered with different churches around the world to educate, unite, and empower people. The power in the local church is incredible. We have seen communities come together to accomplish some truly awesome things. We love speaking with churches and dreaming big about what their role can be in uniting with people around the world. Together we can provide water filter kits for those suffering from water related illnesses.


We love partnering with different schools to inspire and educate kids of all ages. When kids views of the world are widened, when they can see outside of their immediate reality, we truly believe they are changed for the better. We have had countless students inspired to make a difference knowing that they too can play a part in making this world a better place. No matter what age we are, we can be advocates for people, we can help others, and we can make a difference, One ATTA Time.

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Gives 3 families water filter kits every year!
Each filter can last 10+ years.