we offer two experiences:

We are committed to providing access to clean water to families all around the globe. The stories of life change, health and economic benefit are countless. While a picture may be worth a thousand words nothing can replace experiencing the impact of clean water, first hand. This is why we offer two ATTA experiences, the filter experience and the field experience. We know that if you join us on these experiences you will see why we are so passionate about what bringing clean water to people in need, ONE ATTA TIME! 

The Filter Experience

A hands on opportunity for people to learn about the global water crisis, experience assembling water filters, learn about the impact they make around the world, and be a part of the solution!

  • A talk by Executive Director, Sean Kappauf
  • Filters
  • Promotional material
  • Videos
  • Merchandise

If you are interested in hosting a filter experience, fill out the form below.

The Field Experience

Join us in the field and see the filter actually change lives. This experience is not for everyone, as we often travel to very remote locations. You need some grit, but we think you can handle it. It will be the field trip of your life! If you are interested in an in-field experience, fill our the form below.


Gives 3 families water filter kits every year!
Each filter can last 10+ years.

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