Learn about our work and our process


Learn about our work and our process

Our Process

Our first step is always to learn about the communities and how to best partner with them. We deeply believe the only way to sustain long lasting change is through coming together. ATTA’s success is guaranteed by building on authentic relationships.

Once a relationship is established, we look to serve the leaders in the communities through educating them about our WASH program. They are the ones who make the lasting impact, so encouraging, educating, and empowering local leaders is key to our success.

Safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, and proper hygiene play a significant role in averting preventable diseases, and subsequent issues like dehydration, high-infant and child mortality rates, and intestinal illnesses, parasites, and worms from occurring in the first place. 

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With every filter kit install we assess their health and background of the people receiving clean water through GIS Technology.
Our community leaders follow up regularly to ensure the filter is working, being maintained, and relationships are being fostered.  

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Our Solution

We outfit communities with made-in-the-USA, EPA-tested and approved, Sawyer water filters, which provide the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to produce potable water at the highest filtration rates. These filters can potentially last more than 10 years of access to clean water.

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Where We Serve

We have ongoing projects in nine countries:
Vietnam, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras,
Guatemala, Cambodia, The Caribbean, and the USA

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Backed By Scientists

We are partnered with a team of Scientists who are experts in their fields, integrating water quality data with assessment of health and economic indicators. This partnership will help us ensure that we choose the best intervention for providing clean drinking water. On top of that they provide both pre- and post- intervention assessment of health and water quality to ensure long-term success.
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Map of Our Distributions


Gives 3 families water filter kits every year!
Each filter can last 10+ years.

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Our Blog

The ATTA blog is filled with field notes, updates, insights, interviews and valuable learnings.

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