What is the water crisis?

Global Water Crisis

Over 700 million people live without access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause more deaths each year than all forms of violence, including victims of war. Children are especially vulnerable, as their weakened immune systems cannot withstand intense dehydration from diarrheal diseases.

Per the World Health Organization, “some 829,000 people are estimated to die each year from diarrhea as a result of unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene. Yet diarrhea is largely preventable, and the deaths of 297,000 children aged under 5 years could be avoided each year if these risk factors were addressed.”


While the statistics are staggering, we have found a viable solution that can last a long time.

All we need is for people like yourself to come alongside and help provide clean water now!

How We AIM To Make A Difference | Water Filtration

Water Filtration The water filter we use comes from Sawyer. The filter is, USA EPA Tested & Approved

Has the capacity to last 20+ years (or 1 million gallons)

Simple Design And Construction As simple as it gets. No more digging wells if there is a water source, no constructing sand filters and no more purification chemicals. Families are able to construct and adapt their filter in literally minutes to locally found containers. The kit includes everything you need to attach the filter to any plastic bucket or container. (Bucket not included)

  • Obtain a clean bucket or plastic container
  • Use the hole cutter to drill a hole 1.5 inches from the bottom of the bucket (you can do this by hand).
  • Screw the connector, hose and filter onto the bucket.
  • Fill the bucket with water from any source, lower the filter head below the water line, and let gravity do the rest.

Provide clean water to a family today
Water Filtration Bucket

What It Removes

Extremely Cost Efficient
One filtration system cost $50 for a family in need. 

Highest Filtration Rates Available
At 0.1 micron absolute, it is impossible for any bacteria, protozoa or cysts to pass through the filter.

Extremely Cost Efficient
One filtration system could provide clean water for a small village for pennies a day.

Fast Flow
Since there is such a high flow rate, this eliminates the need to store water which reduces the chances of water being contaminated after it is filtered. The only external force required for the system to function is GRAVITY. The flow rate of a filter is determined by a combination of: Head pressure (The distance from the top of the water to the filter) Altitude (The higher the altitude, the slower the flow rate) How clean the filter is The filter itself (there are slight variations between filters)

Long Lasting
Maintenance of this filter is very simple. When the filter starts to slow down or clog, simply back wash it with clean water using the syringe provided in the kit. Since the filters can continuously be back-washed and re-used, they have an extremely long life expectancy. The ease of operating this system makes it self-sustainable and dependable.

Multiple Applications
These filters and purifiers make water so clean and accessible that people will not only use the filtered/purified water for drinking, but also for cleaning, bathing, cooking, watering plants and more.

Natural Disasters
The bucket system is essential for aid in natural disasters. This system would eliminate the need to ship bottled water.


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