How We started

Back in August of 2013 Sean Kappauf visited his sponsored child in El Salvador. As he spent time with Bryan and his mother he found out that all the children, including Bryan, had worms due to their poor drinking water.

Sean was motivated and decided to do something about this crisis. In February of 2014 Sean and a team of others went back down to El Salvador, trained up young leaders in the community on how to be leaders of positive change. Then those young leaders distributed 50 water filtration devices into the homes of where the children lived.

The trip was a success, young leaders were trained, children received clean water, and the local community was filled with hope.

Noticing the huge impact the leadership training had on the young kids, the communities having clean water, and the children's health improving, Sean decided that we need to be able to do this in other areas around the globe.

In April of 2014, One ATTA Time was birthed as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. With the hope to bring healing to people around the world.


About our organization

One ATTA Time is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization



To bring hope and healing to people around the world



To partner with communities and provide life essentials to those suffering from preventable diseases.

Board Members

Debbie Collette

Debbie has senior leadership experience in multiple types of organizations both for profit and non-profit. She started her own business and maintained it for 10 years. She then became a pastor for 10 years at a large church in Orange County, providing excellent organizational skills and leadership development. She provides key insight with her knowledge and experience of leading, working with volunteers, leading mission trips and working in the countries that ATTA serves. An entrepreneur at heart and a strategic mind are key essentials that will help ATTA bring more hope and healing to people around the world. She also has a massive obsession of Yosemite… almost as much as John Muir.


Norm Bennett

This Swiss born, American raised chef-owner traveled all over Europe and the United States working in some of the finest hotels and restaurants after earning his credentials from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. In 2004, Norm channeled his passion for culinary excellence into 24 Carrots catering and events, where his elevated standards made the perfect foundation for success. His background is heavily infused into event menus, where fresh ingredients and memorable cuisine is top priority, and many of his secret recipes are long standing client favorites. Norm is known to be a strong believer in excellent wine, deep sea fishing with his crew, and football season. When he’s not testing out the newest fad dessert or adding to his 180 gallon salt water fish tank, Norm loves spending time with his three grandsons, who he and his wife Sherri refer to as their little soccer team.


Josh Roque

Josh loves to empower and encourage others. Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA, he has always had a passion for the water. When Sean asked him to be a part of ATTA, he couldn’t have been more excited! Josh is a renaissance man, best known for balancing his core drive to make a lasting impact on the world with enjoying life’s best gifts. In the Spring of 2015, Josh joined ATTA on a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Hunting for passion and purpose in his career, Josh realized that his skills coudl be utilized both in and out of the office. As Treasurer, Josh consolts on all fiscal operations, ensuring that all funding received has teh greatest possible impact. Josh is a loving husband to his beautiful wife Katherine, and an avid surfer, diver, triathlete and photographer. He is a licensed CPA, and earned a B.A. in Accounting and B.A. in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene Univiersity.


Markita Roberson

Markita is a native of New York City, born and raised in Southeast Queens. She has been involved in teaching ministry for over 30 years, teaching ages preschool to senior adults. She has done both her undergraduate and graduate work in Biblical Studies at Vanguard University, where she worked as Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs for the Department of Religion from 2005 to 2019. A former adjunct instructor of Biblical and Women’s Studies, she served as the chief architect of the minor in Women’s Studies, as well as an administrative board member for the Center for Women’s Studies (now the Global Center for Women and Justice). In the summer of 2016, Markita joined the pastoral staff of Faith Worship Community as a teaching minister. In spring 2019 she was installed as the church’s Senior Associate Pastor and ordained to the ministry of Faith Worship Community.


Joshua Pinto

Joshua Pinto is the Senior Pastor and church planter at Faro Church and has been serving as Senior Pastor since 2002. While leading the largest Latino Church in South Orange County, Joshua also was a Market Business Consultent with Allstate Insurance, then a VP of Marketing with Flexscan and then the Senior Marketing Manager with Brakke Schafnitz Insurance Brokers. Joshua has a Bacherlors in Theology from Latin American theological Seminary, a Master of Theology in Pastoral Ministry from Latin University of Theology, and currently working on a Master in Leadership from Vanguard University. Joshua has a huge heart for those in need, in fact he and his family lived in one of the countries that ATTA currently serves in, Colombia. Joshua brings a wealth of knowledge on so many levels, but most importantly he knows what it’s like for those we are serving. With that knowledge he brings wisdom and insight to our Board of Directors and ultimately ATTA as we continue to help those who need access to clean and safe drinking water.


Lizzy Whitfield

Lizzy has a demonstrated history working in higher education and currently serves as the Associate Director, Donor Relations Operations at UCLA Anderson School of Management. She cares deeply about empowering college students in higher education. Lizzy specializes in donor retention strategies, responsible stewardship, and project management initiatives. As a first generation Vietnamese-American, Lizzy feels connected with ATTA because of their immediate global impact, specifically in Long An, Vietnam, where her extended family resides. She enjoys watching/playing basketball, baking, and spending time with her husband, Brandon.


Sean Kappauf

Sean Kappauf is the Executive Director and Founder of One ATTA Time.  He serves on the Board of Directors to help lead the organization to fulfill the mission of bringing hope and healing to people around the world. Sean’s vision for ATTA continues to expand and become a more remarkable reality, helping lives daily by providing clean water for families in need.  Sean has been involved in water-related non-profit work for over five years and has worked in the non-profit world for over ten years. He is an accomplished speaker, teacher and leader.  Sean is passionate about helping and empowering others, primarily through communication and acts of service, which he demonstrates as he leads by example with his energetic, hands-on leadership style. Sean enjoys spending time with his family: wife Kelsey, daughter Sawyer and son Oliver, who share his joy and passion in providing hope and healing to others around the globe.