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Here is some information you can share about the water filter distributions we did on behalf of The Center for Action and Contemplation.  


  • El Zonte, La Libertad: 50 filters
  • Comasagua, La Libertad: 50 filters
  • Matazano Teotepeque, La Libertad: 40 filters

Life in La Libertad:

  • La Libertad is a series of communities located in the western region of El Salvador. It is known for its beautiful beaches and surf spots, which attract many tourists each year.
  • La Libertad is largely driven by tourism, agriculture, and fishing. The area is home to several large-scale agricultural operations that produce crops such as coffee, sugar cane, and fruits. Fishing is also an important industry, with many local fishermen making their livelihoods by catching fish and shellfish in the Pacific Ocean.
  • La Libertad has experienced significant challenges with access to clean water. Many residents, especially those living in rural areas, do not have access to safe drinking water and must rely on contaminated sources. This has led to high rates of waterborne illnesses and other health problems.
  • Approximately 700,000 people live in La Libertad with over 30% of these people lacking access to clean drinking water.
  • Many children in this area are not able to attend school because of constant illnesses and socioeconomic challenges.  The average school age is 7 to 15 for those who are able to attend school.


    Here is a map with the physical locations in which your sponsored filters have been distributed.


    The pictures plus short story are all from the filter distributions in La Libertad.

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    33% reported someone in the family had diarrhea symptoms within the last two weeks due to drinking contaminated water.

    20% of the families reported school and/or work missed due to water borne disease.

    40% of the families reported other symptoms prevalent (headache, fatigue, etc.) from water borne disease.