My name is Dawrin Suazo and I’m one of the leaders of Humanity and Hope United Foundation. We partner with One ATTA Time down in Honduras. In this image this is a village that we work in on a continual bases called La Cuchilla.

This village has a well where they get their water from. But just because they have access to water doesn't mean that its drinkable water. Which is where these filters come in to play. Filters that have been a huge blessing for the people in this village. Ever since the filters have arrived in this villages, since they have been using it, they even say that the water tastes a lot better, and they can trust that the water that comes out of this filter is going to continue to be clean drinkable water. They don’t have to worry about getting sick. Another thing that happens around this village is that the peoples teeth get pretty rotten. But when they drink the clean water it helps prevent their teeth from rotting. It also helps kids become better in everything that they do. You know health is so important for kids and in order for a kid to have a good education they have to be healthy. So these filters have been a huge blessing to this community and the other villages in the surrounding villages in the Sula Valley. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in giving these communities access to clean drinking water.