Dina Villalta and her kids Jorge, Gael and baby Kriscia were struggling after the Tropical Storm Amanda hit the coast of El Salvador in2020. She lives close to the river mouth of Lempa river in El Salvador. As a result of the storm it contaminated all the wells in the area. On top of that her husband lost all the corn he harvested for that season.

When ATTA's Local Team for that area teamed up to bring water filters in July 2020, Dina was so filled of joy, to finally have clean drinking water for her family. She remarked how kids in the community were always dealing with water related illnesses; ”Every year we have been struggling with water related illnesses, especially during the rainy season. Our entire community would come together to save money and to buy bags of water for our kids. But not anymore, now that we have this filter our kids are no longer going to be sick and we can save money. Thank you so much!"

In 2021 we visited Dina´s family on one of our follow ups; the whole family is super healthy, kids are not dealing with stomach illnesses anymore; and they are able to attend school full time. Mom and Dad are doing all they can to provide a better home and future for their precious kids. We are honored to be part of their story.