What are we doing here? | Part 2

We partner with a network of pastors in the southeastern area of Colombia. We are in an area where the terrain is flat and used as farmland at the edge of the Amazon. The Amazon is teaming with some of the most dangerous wildlife in the world, from Panthers and poisonous dart frogs to poisonous snakes and Anacondas. 

A cocktail of friendly animals to cuddle with… 

To make it even more wonderful there are Guerrilla’s in this area. 

Not the animals but rather a group called the ELN. Initially a Marxist-Leninist nationalist movement, it now appears more focused on kidnapping, extortion and attacks on economic infrastructure. 

Who in their right mind would go to the southeastern area of Colombia?

From what I know, Americans don’t go there

Not even Colombians

Unless they have land down there, or you’re a Spaniard who has oil rights, or you're a narco who has cattle ranches for money laundering, or you’re part of One ATTA Time

The southeastern part of Colombia is a major area of distribution for us

I spent some time down in that area and I found myself thinking… With all the elements

“What are we doing here?”

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What are we doing here? | Part 1

The six months between February and mid-July of 2019 took us to places we had never thought we would be. 

In Colombia, we do work in the northern and southeastern areas of the country. As far as I know, we have set foot in places where no American has ever been before. 

We visited areas where the government was not allowed… areas run by narcos, a part of the multi-billion dollar illegal drug trade. We had access to areas protected by the Militia--military forces that engage rebel and terrorist activities. 

But even in the midst of these extremely dangerous places, we felt safe and the impact we have seen God do was incredible. 

Yet I found myself thinking… “what are we doing here?”

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