Clean Water For 10,000 Honduran families. Hope for Everyone.
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Join us in partnering with Humanity and Hope United to provide 10,000 filters to 10,000 families in need in Honduras.

Fuerza Honduras, an operation to expand our recent efforts in partnership with Humanity & Hope, to empower and employ 100 Hondurans in the communities we partner with to serve and provide 10,000 vulnerable Honduran families at risk of leaving their country with basic resources, including clean water, food, healthcare, and community through intentional relationships.

To partner with us in our mission of providing families around the world, access to clean drinking water, we are asking you to give generously to provide clean water to a vulnerable Honduran family.

$50 Donation = Clean Water for 1 Family
$100 Donation = Clean Water for 2 Families
$250 Donation = Clean Water for 5 Families
$500 Donation = Clean Water for 10 Families

250 Filters Donated // 10,000 Filters Needed


Help us make this operation possible!

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