My name is Martha, this is one of my daughters in the photo, we have been living in the village of La Coroza for 11 years, we came here because my husband's mother lives here. At the time we arrived there was no water or electricity, the first project was the one for the water because it is one of the most necessary things to live, we did not have toilets or a place to shower and wash your clothes. To be able to drink water we had to go to another village with some small bottles and for the needs of the home we had to draw from a well in the community. Thank God the people from the other village are in solidarity and gave us water.

I think that water is necessary, for food, for bathing, for all the daily needs in the house, for my children water is the most important thing because that way we avoid getting sick often from consuming water that is not clean.
All my family and the community are very grateful to God and we are very happy because now we do not lack water, and thanks to One ATTA Time that brought us the water filters, we are now sure that the water is clean and ready for consumption. I feel very happy and grateful, thank you very much.