Moravian Mission


Here is some information you can share about the water filter distributions we did on behalf of Moravian Mission.  


  • Tumtum Tara, 159 Water Filters *The drinking water tested showed extremely high levels of E. coli.


Here is a map with the physical locations in which your sponsored filters have been distributed.

Background of Project by Rick Nelson

In recent months the two Honduran provinces of the Moravian Church had identified four urgent needs as a result of last year’s floods: 1) Food; 2) Seeds of rice, beans and vegetables; 3) Medicines; and, 4) Drinking water. The Moravian Board of World Mission has distributed bean and vegetable seeds, sent a container of pre-packaged food, and bought medicine. The last of the urgent items left unaddressed before the visit to Tumtum Tara was that of drinking water.

The Tumtum Tara project was a cooperative effort of four groups. One Atta Time provided not only filters and buckets, but also coordination and expertise based on years of experience. The organization covered the transportation costs of their country representative, Fabián, and the shipping of the materials to La Mosquitia. The Moravian Board of World Mission assisted with logistical planning and knowledge of the area. The Reformed Church in America contributed funding to cover the cost of the filters and buckets. The local leadership of the two Honduran Moravian Provinces assisted with planning in Tumtum Tara and with coordination of the six pastors in the community. The goal was to provide a filter and bucket to every family in the community.

We viewed the One Atta Time/Moravian Board of World Mission partnership in Tumtum Tara as a trial or pilot project. If successful and if all agree, our goal is to expand the potable water project to other communities. We are aware that nearly every community in the region suffers from the same lack of a reliable source of drinking water that we saw on our April trip.


100% reported someone in the family had diarrhea symptoms within the last two weeks due to drinking contaminated water.

20% of the families reported school and/or work missed due to water borne disease.

40% of the families reported other symptoms prevalent (headache, fatigue, etc.) from water borne disease.