I got to La Coroza, Honduras, 12 years ago, at that moment there was no electricity, no water, not even houses.
The experience was really bad, because we did not have all these things, and the heat has always been very strong, if we wanted some water we had to go to a different village to get some water to drink, that village is far away. Sometimes we traveled by horse cart, other times by bicycle, and many times even by walking, which took us an hour to get there.

On those days that we did not have water what worried me most was my family, because you need water for everything, for the kitchen on a daily basis, to drink every day, many times if someone in my family got sick, I had to cook something medicinal but I couldn't do it with dirty water, it was always my biggest concern.
In 2016 we were able to get water piped into our homes from a local non-profit, Humanity and Hope United Foundation. While we had water coming out of our faucets it was still contaminated. When One ATTA Time showed up with filters it took that dirty water and made it clean. Now with the filters it is already clean and that makes me feel better because I know that my children and ourselves will be healthy.
Nowadays I feel happy because now if I want to make a natural drink I can do it, much better now because One ATTA Time has brought us filters so that the water comes out clean, it is no longer necessary that we take it directly from the tap, now we are sure that we are consuming something clean and my whole family can enjoy that.