I have been living in La Coroza for almost 5 years. I met the father of my girls and he brought me here, but we did not have a house, we lived in my brother-in-law's house, there was nothing, the community did not have electricity and there was no water either, the water was taken from a well that my mother-in-law had.

There were many people in my brother-in-law's house, it was very small so we had to wait for example to use the bathroom, we slept in a wooden bed, for food we had to adjust with the salary of my children's father because he did work, I did not have a job so it was harder to get money to pay for all different things.
One of the things we suffer the most from is drinking water. It is very important for health, it all depends on how clean it is. I have two young daughters in my house and it is very important that they are healthy, eating healthy and drinking clean water. From the moment I came here we did not have it, we had to drink water from the well and sometimes buy water if we had the money.
We got drinking water thanks to One ATTA Time and H&H foundation. Thanks to these organizations, it now comes out filtered and purified at the same time thanks to the filters that they brought us. Before the water was super dirty and that could cause diseases in many of us, especially in children, now thank God it is clean and very healthy.