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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Volunteer in So Cal

Join our ATTA community. From administrative needs to helping out at special events, the ATTA community would love to have you a part of the team. To be a part of this community please fill out the form below. 

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ATTA Campaigns

There are all kinds of campaigns that you can do to help raise awareness and funds for children in need.

ATTA Campaigners will have access to their own private page so that they can easily raise funds online. They will also be provided with any other online marketing material to help get the awareness out.

Below are some ideas for an ATTA Campaign (we are always open for creative ideas)

  • Running (5K, 10K, Marathons) | Have people donate a certain amount of money per mile
  • Hiking or Mountain Summit Trip (John Muir Trail, Mount Whitney, ect) | Have people donate a certain amount of money per mile, or general donation
  • Wedding, Baby Shower, Graduation, Christmas | All very similar to the birthday campaigns as they replace presents for donations towards children who are suffering.
  • Bake Sale | Sell baked goods at an event and donate the proceeds to ATTA
  • "What I Would Give Up" | Start a campaign that challenges people to give up a weekly or monthly expense and donate it to One ATTA Time.

We are always open to other ideas. To get started or if you want more info please click the button below!

ATTA Birthday

Change up your typical birthday party and help change lives.

How it works

Sign Up

Just click on the get started link and we will have someone contact you and get you started with your birthday campaign.

Invite your friends

We will help you get the word out. We'll set you up with your own private page on our website for people to donate from. We will give you social links and other tips to help your birthday party be a success.

We will make sure to contact you back with specific details and free swag to help you get this party started!

To Help Fundraise Check Out Our ToolKit