Alvaro Rivera Clean Water El Salvador

Alvaro Rivera

Alvaro Rivera

Location: El Salvador

Alvaro Rivera was born and grew up in Mizata. Since he was a little boy he always dealed with parasite due to contamined water in his community.

On June 10, 2020  in the middle of the pandemic, 50 families including his family received a water filter through the ATTA team. Alvaro said, "My life has been changing since that day. We started to drinking filtered water with my family we were overjoyed that we didn't have to boil the water or put 3 drops of bleach every 2 gallons to drink it. My kids loves the taste of the clean and safe drinking water. They used to deal with parasites; constantly suffering from stomach issues. We started feel a huge difference since the first week of using the ATTA filter. I was so grateful in that time for the gift to have a water filter."

Since then Alvaro has started visiting remote communities in the area. Communities that only have access to shallow contaminated wells. He has been connecting those communities to the ATTA team. He has been working alongside ATTA and has helped 5 more communities in this area to receive access to clean drinking water. He is now in-charge of following up with other community leaders. Alvaro said, "We are so grateful for this our community and so many others around us."

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