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Julia Esmeralda

Location: El Salvador

Julia Esmeralda is 23 years old and lives in a mountainous area in Apaneca with her 6 years old daughter Raquel and her 18 month old Nehemias. Julia has spent her whole life on coffee farms and she shared with us how the whole community had been drinking water from contaminated streams. Recently a community project built a pipe system to pump water from the stream to their community, unfortunately the water is full of sediment especially during the rainy season.  Since Raquel was a little girl she has continually battled stomachaches and diarrhea due to the water.

Julia said, “Thank you so much to all your support to our families with these water filters. Hopefully you will come again very soon to help more households in our area. In the meantime we will share our filters with those who do not yet have one.”

146 Families have received access to clean drinking water in this area. With your help and donations we will continue to provide more filters to these families in need.

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