An Interview with Samuel Hubinette: Famous Hollywood Stunt Driver, Formula DRIFT Racing Champion, ATTA Water Rep

An Interview with Samuel Hubinette: Famous Hollywood Stunt Driver, Formula DRIFT Racing Champion, ATTA Water Rep

There are definitely some talented and interesting people who make up the One ATTA Time family and community.  Gaining insight into their lives and getting to know some of our Water Reps to learn why they are involved is important to our collective support of ATTA and desire to provide safe and healthy drinking water to children across the world.  In this interview with Samuel Hubinette, a true celebrity in the stunt and racing world, we learned why he and his wife Eva Stina Hubinette, also a celebrity in the stunt and racing world, became a part of the One ATTA Time family and community.

What initially prompted you to become interested in helping One ATTA Time?

Samuel told us that he and his wife, Stina, like to give back by supporting non-profit organizations and their work.  A friend of theirs, Michael Sacks, has known Sean for years and told Samuel that he had to meet up with Sean to hear about One ATTA Time.   Sean and Samuel had coffee and he knew that Sean was someone he wanted to support.

“I like him, I trusted him.” Samuel said.

Samuel felt confident in Sean because he had been a pastor and had a good heart.  Sean had been supporting clean water, which Samuel had been supporting as well.  Meeting Sean and seeing his passion for saving the lives of children, and also having the feeling of him being local meant a lot to Samuel.

Why do you believe it is important to support One ATTA Time?

Samuel noted that he was already educated about water and the water crisis.  When making a decision about who to support out of the many non-profit organizations providing clean water in various ways, he researched ATTA by going to the website and watching the videos.  He clicked on the photos and videos and said they really touched his heart.  The ATTA message really meant a lot.  Samuel was especially interested in the story Sean told about Bryan, Sean’s sponsored child in El Salvador, and Sean’s story about Bryan.  Sean could give Bryan clothing, food and a nice shelter.  He could give him things through his donations, but with all of that, Bryan was still sick.  Sick from the dirty water that carried waterborne disease.  Without clean water these children can die, and that encouraged Samuel to reach out to help ATTA in this mission. Safe water was what is needed, and Samuel wanted to be a part of providing safe, clean water to children like Bryan.

You seem to have a very interesting career and background--can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“ I grew up in Sweden.  I always had a passion for driving.  I learned to drive at frozen lakes on ice tracks.  At the age of 23 I became a test driver in Sweden for Volvo and did winter testing.  It was my dream job. I moved to South Sweden with Volvo and began to do stunts for car commercials, which I did for 9 years.  It was always my dream to be in Hollywood doing stunt driving.  So I moved to Orange County and started to hustle.  I got into a sport called Drifting.  In this new motorsport, I was the first champion.  This opened doors for me in Hollywood, and my first film was Fast and Furious.  Big brands supported me and I was able to drive for commercials.  The year 2012 was my last year of competing in motorsports, so I am now dedicated to stunt driving for movies and commercials.”

Samuel’s wife, Eva Stina Hubinette  “Stina” came to Orange County from Sweden to join him in 2004 and they were married in 2006.  She had natural skills at driving, and by about 2008 they were both in show business.  They now have two daughters and a son,  and both continue their highly visible careers in stunt driving for some of Hollywood’s major producers and high profile commercials.

As the interview drew to a close, Samuel had one more thing to share with us.

“We felt the trust in Sean and wanted to be a part of the mission of ATTA, so we give monthly” he said.  “He is doing a fantastic job as Executive Director of One ATTA Time.”

Having Samuel and Stina Hubinette as a part of the ATTA family is an honor, and we are so thankful that they have chosen One ATTA Time as their non-profit organization to support the mission of clean water for children across the world.

Some of the driving moments in Samuel’s and Stina’s exciting lives can be seen on Instagram:



One of Stina’s amazing recent commercials, which aired last year, can be viewed on this YouTube channel:

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