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Back On The Road To Uganda

Back On The Road To Uganda

In just over a week, we will be back on the road to Uganda with 1,000 filters to bring clean water to thousands of children.  Last year, in July of 2017 we were able to take a team to Uganda to provide 100 water filtration devices to families and a 500-student primary school to bring healing to children deprived of clean water.  The first week of August 2018, will take our Executive Director Sean Kappauf, Pamula Shero, Nicole Carter, Norm Bennett, Patrick DeVusser and Elyse Snipes on the three day journey to Uganda from the U.S. to provide 1,000 filters to children and families who are in desperate need of clean water due health issues caused by water-borne diseases. 


As shared by our local leaders and partners in Uganda, there is a big challenge with unclean water. A total of 75% of diseases in Uganda are caused by lack of clean water and proper sanitation.  Statistics show that 24 million people lack access to clean drinking water.  This is especially important to children, and Uganda is estimated to have 50% of its population under the age of 14.  

The people get water for domestic use and drinking from unprotected ponds and swamps. Other sources include water from ditches and gullies created from roadway runoff--and they are drinking water that is much more polluted than the type of runoff the U.S. EPA won’t allow into our storm drain systems that lead to our rivers, lakes, streams and ocean.  In Uganda, these sources are used as drinking areas for animals, such as cattle and are not fit for human consumption. People who are using these water sources, which is all that is available to them, are suffering and dying of water borne diseases.

We took the initiative and are again taking the initiative this August to take water filters to the many children and families in need of clean drinking water.  Reports from our partners about families who have received the filters in 2017 were excellent.  Our partners continue to teach them to maintain the filters and help them.

The filters have had a great impact upon these families.  They have improved the health of the people and cases of water-borne diseases have reduced.  We are beginning to see the results and know how many are in need.  Thousands of families still get water from the unclean sources and are hoping for us to bring them additional filtration devices to save their children.  Families who did not receive the filters take their containers to neighbors requesting some drinking water for their families.  They equate the water to Ruwenzori mineral water, which is the top bottled water brand in Uganda.

Seeing the great improvement and realizing the great need, we are dedicated to returning to Uganda to take 1,000 filters to the children and families in need.  This has been made possible by our generous donors, volunteers and BINGO event attendees.  We thank you. . . and the children and their families thank you for your generosity and dedication to saving children in Uganda. Thank you for joining with us to save one at a time.

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