Dinh Thi Glech’s story

Dinh Thi Glech’s

Dinh Thi Glech

Location: Vietnam

Dinh Thi Glech’s family is listed as a poor household in Kong Chro town, Kong Chro district, Gia Lai province. She has four children, all of school age.

It was in June 2022 that Glech received a Sawyer water filter from ATTA thanks to their connection with GIBTK. More than four months have passed and through a conversation with Glech, we were thrilled to hear that there have been considerable positive changes in her family members’ health.

Before they were gifted their Sawyer water filter from ATTA, they would drink water taken directly from wells and streams. As a result, her family would often suffer from diarrhea and stomachaches. Since Glech’s children are still small, they were not fully aware about the water resources they are using. Because of that, they tended to drink unboiled water after returning home from school. However, since the day they were given a water filter, she hasn’t had to worry about where to find safe water for her whole family. Furthermore, she said she that having the filter helps her save valuable time because she no longer has to boil the water before she uses is. Not only Glech’s family, but also other households in her community have experienced these positive changes and have received life-changing benefits from these filters. “Even though it’s a small device, its value is indispensable. My family is overjoyed with the convenience, financial benefits, and more importantly our health condition thanks to this filter,” Glech happily shared.

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