Clean Water for El Salvador

El Yomo Usulutan Distribution

Rosa Manzanares

Location: El Salvador

On July 11th we distributed 100 water filters in El Yomo Usulutan. El Yomo Usulutan is a community that is in desperate need of clean water. Moms in the community go to get their water from the community water faucets. This water source is full with dirt and sediment. This community is plagued by chronic stomach aches and diarrhea. Due to this, many of the community members have to choice but to make the trek to the health clinic that is over two hours away from the community. These visits often mean the kids will be missing school and the families will have to spend money on medicine that may or may not resolve the ongoing issue.

Ana one of our leaders in the community and her entire community now have access to clean and safe water. A community member stated, “We love the taste of this clean water, even the filtered rain water taste so good. We are so grateful for that. Thank you for coming to our remote community.”

It is an honor for our teams to serve communities such as this.

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