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Ha Thi Thuan’s story

Ha Thi Thuan

Location: Vietnam

In July 2022, 500 water filters were given out to 500 disadvantaged households by GIBTK and the Nghe An Children Protection Fund in the province of Nghe An that lack access to clean water. To continue helping difficult households in Nghe An province, we distributed 800 more water filters to 800 disadvantaged households in the mountainous districts of Quy Chau, Quy Hop, Con Cuong, and Anh Son.

Ha Thi Thuan 19 years old,  she has a kid who is 3 years old and is also 7 months pregnant. While Thuan is currently remaining at home and caring for young children, her husband is a farmer. Everyday, the family in Thuan's neighborhood collect water for drinking and cooking from a small stream near their home. Of course, there is no guarantee that this water is safe to drink. People who drink from this stream, often have diarrhea and need to receive medicine from the local medical center to treat it. Additionally, Thuan and her husband occasionally experience diarrhea. Being aware of that, her family has to boil water for drinking every day.

She excitedly shared with us “What surprised me today are the filter's benefits. I no longer have to worry about providing my family with clean water or waste time boiling it. To ensure that the filter lasts a long time, I will backwashing the filter every day. I would like to thank GIBTK and ATTA for sponsoring the water filter today.”

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