Hmru Buon Gia

Hmru Buon Gia’s Story

Hmru Buon Gia

Location: Vietnam

Ms. Hmru Buon Gia is a single mother with five children. Currently, all of her children are of school age. Her husband died two years ago, so her life is very difficult. Normally, her family has to buy bottled water to drink. It costs about $10 per month for drinking water for the whole family. Since her main occupation is farming, her income is not stable and she has to take care of her two-year-old child, so the cost of buying water is financially difficult for her.

When she heard about the benefits of a water purifier, which can remove impurities in the water as well as harmful bacteria that cause digestive problems and diarrhea, she was very happy and moved. From now on, she no longer has to worry about clean water for her family, and it saves her from having to buy expensive bottled water. Today, she and ninety-nine households in her commune were fortunate to receive these mighty water filters from ATTA and GIBTK. She is very grateful for that and wishes that many disadvantaged families can have access to clean water.

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