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Interview with Martha Freundner

Donor Highlight | Martha Freundner

Taking a look behind the scenes at One ATTA Time takes us into the lives of the generous and giving individuals and organizations who donate financial resources to help save children’s lives across the world.  This month, we asked Martha Freundner if she might share why she became involved with us, why her family became monthly donors and what she is excited about for the future of ATTA.

Martha told the story of her trip to El Salvador to visit her sponsored child in 2016, and how the poor health of the children had an impact upon her.  She recalled the parting embrace, the tears and the difficulty in letting go. She has known Executive Director Sean Kappauf and his wife Kelsey since they were in college.  Martha spoke about the time Sean went to see his sponsored child and realized how sick he was with worms and diseases that were preventable with clean water.  Martha shared how Sean “had to do something” so he came back to the U.S. and investigated the Sawyer filters, which was the beginning of what would become a life-changing journey with One ATTA Time.

Martha’s husband, George had been talking about water filtration systems for the children, so the common vision and feeling of being connected with what Sean was doing prompted them to be a part of One ATTA Time as volunteers and monthly donors.   “Our family feels so blessed to work with ATTA” Martha said “Monthly donations are so important to help this ministry help the children.”

Martha is looking forward to going back to El Salvador on the upcoming trip this year and is excited about the future of One ATTA Time.  They will be training youth leaders and checking on the filters in rural and coastal communities where the children are healthier because of ATTA’s visits.  Martha wants to do more, and would like to be able to donate more time and financial resources beyond their monthly commitment to One ATTA Time in the future.

ATTA is deeply grateful for donors and volunteers like Martha and her family who make saving children’s lives possible across the world. Along with clean water and health, ATTA takes hope and the chance for a future to children.  Martha’s sponsored child is now 14 years old and wants to be an architect. . . and with the health clean water brings she has a chance to follow that dream.

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