Le Thi Nga’s story Vietnam

Le Thi Nga’s story

Le Thi Nga’s

Location: Vietnam

In the mountainous Quy Chau district, located in the province of Nghe An. Most communities use contaminated water from streams or wells. 200 water filters were given to 200 disadvantaged households by GIBTK in collaboration with the Nghe An Children Protection Fund. Now, these families have a reliable source of water for their families.

Le Thi Nga has two kids; the eldest is in the first grade and the youngest is 2.5 years old. Her husband is the only earner in the household and a bricklayer in Ha Noi which is 186 miles from their home. Nga stays home to take care of the children. She and her husband have sometimes encountered diarrhea in the past as a result of drinking well water directly. Since then, she has to boil water every day for her family, which takes her about 40 minutes.

She expressed her joy for the benefits of the filter, she shared that “I am excited to see what the filter brings, I have a reliable stream of water for my family to drink, and most importantly, I don't have to boil water for the entire family or gather extra firewood, giving me more time with my kids. I can only hope that more households in similar situations will soon have access to safe water. I’m so grateful to say thank you to GIBTK and ATTA for helping my family.”

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