Clean Water in El Salvador

Misión Centroamericana Jehova

Pastor Francisco

Location: La paz, El Salvador

Pastor Francisco, has a small community around his church with 25 families. He is been taking care of them, suddenly he lost all the support and had to start doing the labor of taking care of the people alone. Pastor Moises Torres from Heaven Church has a huge heart to help others in and spread the Gospel of Jesus. He found the church and wanted to work with the ATTA team and connect us with the pastor and the families in Pastor Francisco’s community. This community currently drinks water from a very dirty lake. They know that the water is not safe but is all that they have access to.

Pastor Moises and Abril visited the Pastor to start conversations  about helping them first with clean water and then having Heaven Church come in and bring support to the community. We came back to the community on December 3th to deliver the filters to the families and give them the gift and joy of having the access of clean water. For us this was a gift, for us to be able to connect a church with a community by providing a way through water. The pastor was amazed by the filter and he couldn’t believe how easily it was to operate. He is so thankful for the filters as well as the health it is bringing to his community. He is now visiting each home on a regular basis to check in with each family, and pray with them.

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