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Recon Pest Control Founder and Owner : Partners with One ATTA Time

Recon Pest Control Found and Owner : Partners with One ATTA Time

An Interview with Tyler Saunders

After 10 years in the pest control industry in Southern California, Tyler Saunders launched his own pest control company, Recon Pest Control, less than one month ago in Dana Point.  As a part of his company’s way of giving back and helping others, he has committed to donating the cost of one filter to ATTA for every new customer that he signs up for annual pest control services.

“I know what a good thing ATTA is doing, but I have never been in a position to be able to donate what I would like to donate in the past” said Tyler, “Now that I have started my own business, we have created a partnership with ATTA to help save lives all over the world”.

Tyler was a part of a 10-day ATTA trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2015, when he accompanied ATTA Executive Director Sean Kappauf to take water filtration systems to those in need of clean water.  Having grown up in San Clemente, he had never seen the level of poverty or sickness that he saw on that trip.  The Vietnam trip was his first time outside the U.S.A. and his impressions were vivid.  The poverty level was so extreme—he saw first-hand how clean drinking water was something he had taken for granted his entire life—and thought about how fortunate we are where we live. 

Tyler told the story of an 80-year old lady and her process for getting water.  She would put big drums under the roof to catch rain water, then she would go to chop wood to build a fire to heat the water in the drums to boil out the bacteria, then wait for it to cool to be able to drink it.  He shared how one Sawyer filter and bucket filtration system was life changing for this woman.  At that moment he decided if he could be a part of ATTA’s work in any way, he was going to continue to help.

“If I can change one person’s life for the better, it is amazing, but seeing the clean water change hundreds of lives or a whole village is what happens with ATTA” said Tyler, “When I left Vietnam I felt as if everyone in the world should go to a country like this to experience first-hand what is happening there”.

Tyler’s passion about clean water extends not only to saving lives, but saving the environment.  He has developed Recon Pest Control as a very eco-friendly company because of his concern for the environment.   He mentioned how the pest control business and materials used are very strictly state regulated, and how he wanted to make a more environmentally friendly service to keep the harmful pesticides out of runoff water that flows into our rivers, lakes, streams and ocean.  His concern for aquatic and marine life drove him to choose and use products that are natural, or low in toxicity.  The approval process for his new company began in November and took approximately six months to gain approval from agencies regulating this type of service.  He will be using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs for his customers.

About Recon Pest Control: Recon Pest Control serves Orange County with service for spiders, rodents and all insects.  Signing up for annual service from Recon Pest Control includes five service visits throughout the year.  It also includes the donation of one water filtration system to help a family who is suffering from sickness due to water-borne illness for 20-30 years, with $50.00 of each service going directly to ATTA.  Recon pest control provides eco-friendly service that is safe for children and pets.  Tyler’s vision for the company is to offer an affordable price for an outstanding service. The firm’s website is www.reconpests.com .

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