Rosa's Story of Clean Water

Rosa Manzanares

Rosa Manzanares

Location: El Salvador

On March 20th, 2022 my family received a water filter right before the rainy season starts in El Salvador; water comes with dirt and sediment to our Island La Pirraya. I was 7 months old of my second child. For years water has been a big issue all the kids dealing with abdominal pain stomach cramps and diarrhea. The access to the small clinic in the island is very difficult for us to get to and they always are running out of medication.

Now three months later we have seen a huge difference; we love the water taste we are using the filtered water for everything. Our kids no longer complain from stomaches anymore.

I am so grateful for this water filter I can't wait for my baby girl Keyla (one month old) starts drinking clean water once she starts eating food. On behalf of all the families in la Pirraya Island I want to thanks everyone who made this possible.

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