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Sawyers Thoughts (3 yrs)

Sawyer's Thoughts (3 yrs)

At 3 years old Sawyer is not going to be able to write a blog post any time soon, but this girl has got some stuff to say! So here are some of her thoughts... brought to you by bribery. 

Mom: What do you think about us continuing to travel and make new friends around the world?

Soy: I think its very beautiful… and I think also it’s very handsome too.

Mom: What do you think about dirty water?

Soy: I think its bad for your tummy. It’s not good.

Mom: Do you want to help people get clean water?

Soy: Yeah! Sometimes people don’t have clean water.

Mom: Do you like making new friends from different cultures?


Soy: Yeah! because I love them.

Mom: What do you not like about the trips?

Soy: We were walking and walking and I was tired.

Mom: How did the people we met help you?

Soy: They helped me because I love them.

Mom: What have you learned on our different trips?

Soy: I learned different names of the people.

Mom: What else did you learn?

Soy: I learned different faces.

Mom: What did you think about the people you met?

Soy: I already said!!! I just love them.

This last question pretty much defines Sawyer... Ending with some sass and some love.

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