Y Ghiep lives in a mountainous area in Sa Nghia commune

Y Ghiep of the Sa Nghia commune

Y Ghiep

Location: Sa Nghia commune

Y Ghiep lives in a mountainous area in Sa Nghia commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province. She has five children in her family and all of them are still of school age. The oldest one is studying in seventh grade, followed by fourth grade, then second grade, kindergarten, and then the youngest one is now 10 months old.

Every day, she gets her water from the well in the local area to use for her family. However, during the summer months, when the water in the well drains out, she has to travel further from the house to get water from a stream. She shared that sometimes, her family members suffer from diarrhea due to drinking water straight from the source without boiling it. Regardless of that fact, they still cannot afford to buy bottled water because of their poor living condition. So as a result they have to keep on using the same source of unclean water.

Y Ghiep was happy to share with us about the benefits that a water filter has provided. She does not have to worry about not having clean water for her family anymore. Not only Ghiep’s family, but there are another 32 households in her area that were given the chance to approach a fresh source because of the filters sponsored by ATTA and GIBTK today.

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