Nong Thi Bang’s story

Nong Thi Bang’s story

Nong Thi Bang

Location: Vietnam

Ms. Nong Thi Bang is from the Tay ethnic group. She is living with her daughter and granddaughter, who is in 10th grade. Her family uses rainwater for their daily living. They have to store rainwater in a 6,000-liter water tank to have enough water for the whole family. In case of running out of water, the family must directly use water from the spring to drink. Since Ms. Nong Thi Bang previously worked at the local Red Cross Society, she understands the difficulties of not consuming clean water.

She shared that “Every day, local people can only take spring water to use for drinking purposes. If they develop diarrhea problems, they must go to the commune health station to receive medicine to address it. The quality of their life is low, so they have not given the attention necessary to proper hygiene and clean drinking water. Hopefully in the future, after receiving this Sawyer water filter, people's life in her region will be improved.” She sent her family's sincere thanks to ATTA and GIBTK.

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